The CEDS Commission is a group of private sector leaders and public sector officials appointed by the CNMI Governor to develop the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The CNMI CEDS is paid for through grant funds awarded to the CNMI Department of Commerce from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), which is an agency under the US Department of Commerce.


Community input is a key focus of the CEDS which aims to solicit and include public feedback and input into the development of the document. Community feedback can be provided directly to the CEDS team or shared at public hearings.

CEDS ComMission

The 2016 CEDS Commission was appointed by the late Governor Eloy S. Inos and Current Governor Ralph Torres. To view the current listing of the CNMI CEDS Comission, please click here.

Federal Partner

The CNMI CEDS is paid for under a grant through the Economic Development Administration (EDA) under the US Department of Commerce. To learn more about this agency and their mandates, click here.

CEDS Comission & Partners